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Can you please introduce yourself briefly?
My name is Robin GREHAN. I’m a French student who is 20 years old, studying business. I’ve always been passionate about business. Therefore I joined Idrac Bachelor in September 2015, after graduating in economics and social sciences.

How did you know IDRAC?
Like every student who wants to study in business schools, I visited different trades. I discovered Idrac at the fair of Paris. I was interested by the school and the international opportunities in the bachelor program so I went to visit the campus of Paris and Amiens.

Why did you enter this school?
I appreciate how international this school is. For me business isn’t only about being a great seller and knowing every different marketing strategy. It’s also about learning as many cultures as possible. Hopefully I will differentiate myself from many other businessmen and it will help me adapt to facie an unknown situation in the future.

What was your level in English before going to Ireland?
My level of English was good before going to Ireland. I could easily deal with any subject in a conversation. But Dublin isn’t the best place to learn English. There are to many French expats and you don’t get in touch easily with locals very often.

What is your everyday life about in your new campus?
Our semester in Dublin ended in December. We are now in Barcelona to spend our second semester overseas. We can already say that Irish and Spanish cultures are completely different. In Dublin the staff was really nice and always free to talk. They have done their best to improve our experience in Ireland. In Barcelona it’s much more selfish. People are less open minded so the life on the campus less enjoyable.

What advice will you give to other applicants before entering IDRAC?
Anyone can enter the school. It is not about how smart you are, but how motivated you are. Secondly I would say that Idrac is both a school and a business. Some information I had before entering the school were not correct, especially for fees.

What are the main differences between your school in Ireland and your campus in Amiens?
There two campuses are likely the same. Except that in Amiens, you’re more in contact with professionals. ISB in Ireland gave us a lot of groups assignments.

Could you describe IDRAC in three words?
-business school

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