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Target degree Bac+3 - RNCP 35025

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Reveal your potential and discover the world of business and international affairs with the Bachelor Marketing & Business at IDRAC Business School.

The Bachelor Marketing & Business, a programme to reveal your potential and discover the world of business and international affairs.

A customisable programme to help you learn about marketing and development strategies.

Bachelor's degree objectives

  • Discovering the world of business and becoming more professional
  • Mastering the sales and marketing approach while operating in an intercultural world
  • Developing a collaborative and responsible spirit
  • Giving your career an international dimension and opening up to the world

Professional immersion


Fundamental skills

  • Developing and implementing a strategy
  • Developing and implementing a marketing strategy
  • Drawing up and managing the budget for a sales/marketing department
  • Managing an operational team and projects

Evaluation methods

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Bachelor Marketing & Business programme

1st year: The fundamentals of the sales approach

Highlights of the 1st year of the Bachelor Marketing & Business programme

2ème année : Intégrez la dimension marketing

Highlights of the 2nd year of the Bachelor Marketing & Business programme

3rd year: Strategic thinking to develop your employability

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Career opportunities for the Marketing & Business Bachelor's degree

  • Business Developer
  • Business Manager
  • Web marketing manager
  • Salesman
  • Digital Media Manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Business Unit Manager


Training fees - September 2024

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Practical info

Proven skills and competencies

Bachelor's degree objectives

In a complex, globalised economic environment, the Bachelor Marketing & Business programme aims to certify operational managers who are open to the world and aware of the complexity of the challenges facing organisations. Adapted and inspired by the needs of companies, the teaching structure aims to transmit fundamental and operational knowledge and to provide students with social and ethical reference points. (source RNCP sheet). Holders of this qualification can work in a variety of business sectors, and in a more operational way in the field in which they are studying, by integrating ecological, digital and societal dimensions into their actions. As part of the programme, students are responsible for their own training and career plans. In addition to the academic knowledge described below, the programme places particular emphasis on :

  • Developing the ability to adapt in the face of change (within the company, in functions, in professions)
  • The acquisition of critical analysis, a spirit of initiative and relative autonomy (sense of responsibility)
  • Valuing professional experience and applied group work

Fundamental skills

  • Implement strategic intelligence (competition, technological, social, cultural, legal) in France and internationally
  • Carry out marketing and sales research to identify development scenarios
  • Analyse the external environment to identify market opportunities and associated risks
  • Helping to draw up an internal diagnosis to assess the organisation's strengths and weaknesses
  • Analyse the business model and propose marketing and sales development strategies
  • Define the actions to be taken by setting the sales and marketing objectives to be achieved (depending on the targets: prospects, customers, products, etc. and the markets)
  • Design a sales activity plan to achieve sales and revenue targets using specific indicators
  • Developing (prospecting and building loyalty) and optimising the sales portfolio by enhancing the customer journey and experience (digital and omnichannel)
  • Conduct sales negotiations on all these aspects (pricing, legal - contract clauses and conditions - delivery conditions and any special conditions specific to the sector)
  • Draw up a costed proposal corresponding to the customer's needs in order to conclude the sale
  • Help build the organisation's communication plan (awareness, e-reputation, brand management)
  • Analyse the components of the marketing mix in order to draw up an operational marketing plan
  • Use the tools for analysing the accounting result
  • Drawing up the budget and studying the profitability of activities using specific analysis grids
  • Analysing and monitoring departmental activity data using summary dashboards
  • Manage the budget and implement corrective budgetary actions based on tax, legal and sectoral developments and customer risks
  • Define objectives and allocate tasks and roles to each member of the team
  • Manage the workforce and develop employees' skills in conjunction with HR departments in order to support business development (recruitment, assessment, positioning and career development interviews, etc.).
  • Day-to-day management of the team's individual and collective activity objectives in order to reassess operational performance in relation to resources and propose optimisation plans
  • Adapting your management
  • Communicate effectively with cross-functional and hierarchical teams