Jeunes ambassadeurs IDRAC - Promotion 2012 - 2013 !

Le département International de l’IDRAC a le plaisir d’avoir 2 de ses étudiants internationaux qui intègrent le programme Jeunes Ambassadeurs 20012/2013.

Pour rappel, l’objectif du programme Jeunes Ambassadeurs de LYON est un dispositif d'accueil privilégié et d'intégration des étudiants étrangers dans la vie économique et culturelle des cités lyonnaise, stéphanoise et grenobloise.

Le but est de contribuer ainsi à la promotion et au rayonnement international de ces régions et de leurs atouts.

Retrouvez les interviews de Jennifer POOL et Pietro PRIORI qui intègrent le programme Jeunes Ambassadeurs 20012/2013:

Salve Regina University – Newport – ETATS-UNIS


  • Could you introduce yourself please?

I am from the USA; I am currently in IDRAC MBA Program. It is very interesting.

  • What do you think about The “Jeunes Ambassadeurs” Program?

It is awesome! I think that it is a very good idea especially for people who want to have a different experience. For me, it is a real opportunity to improve my French, and my connections with practitioners!
“Les jeunes ambassadeurs” will definitely be helpful for my future position.

  • What could this program provide you for your future position?

I want to work in a sales department or some kind of media. Thanks to this experience I will gain experience.
Being at IDRAC means learning and having fun all at the same time. I really like the atmosphere at IDRAC. People here are all relaxed and nice. Also, teachers have a sense of humor and friendly needless to say.

Universita degli Studi - Parma - ITALIE


  • Could you introduce yourself please?

I am studying economy at Parma Universita degli Studi.
I choose to do my study abroad at Idrac business school.
I am in Bachelor’s Program.

  • Why were you interested by “Les Jeunes Ambassadeurs”?

I choose to joint “Jeune Ambassadeur” Program to improve my French language and learn about French culture.
I then, thought that it was a great opportunity for my future.

  • What do you think about this program?

I think that “Jeune Ambassadeur” Program is a value added.
We have a personal coach with important position at work. So I have the possibility to learn in real condition! Together we share ideas about my future work! I will definitely gain more experience and confidence!